Facility Improvement Project

What is Happening

We are looking at updating and adding to our restrooms in the gym hallway to better accommodate our needs. These needs require the restrooms to both be larger, and for us to add a family restroom. This requires the more space which means they will expand into existing rooms, those being the mail room and the storage room in the gym. Expanding into the storage room also adds the requirement of needing a new location for us to put everything that is currently in it. Thus, we are also wanting to build a new storage room off the end of the gym for this purpose. Our plan is to build this addition so we can move everything out of the old room and once that is done, get to work on the restrooms.

Current Plans

  • First we plan to build a new storage room off of the end of the gym to the south west. Storage Room
  • After the new storage room is built, we will tear out the existing bathrooms and expand them both into the old storage room and the existing mail room while also adding a third restroom which will be a family restroom. Restrooms

How can you help?

  • Get Informed
  • How can you support the project?
    • Prepare for the My Giving Card Drive (May 12th - June 4th)
    • Pray for wisdom regarding this effort.